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Response Handling

Yoni Titi Human Capital Evolution® understands that managing the volume of recruitment responses to job advertisements and providing both timely and appropriate feedback to candidates can be a time consuming exercise that a client may not have the capacity for. We appreciate that our clients may prefer to manage and be in control of their talent selection but do not have the time nor the capacity to manage the process and volumes effectively and efficiently.


We provide a tailor made, end-to-end response handling solution for our clients, in the process helping our clients to avoid the administrative burden this process entails. Our response handling team approach utilises a variety of means that includes print media and web-based recruitment. We have the technology, expertise and capacity to handle the end-to-end process. Regardless of the volume of the roles that you want to fill, you can be assured that candidates will receive the highest level of professionalism and service from Yoni Titi Human Capital. Our aim is to ensure that the candidate's journey and impression of your organisation is a positive one.


Our end-to-end process offers:

  • Drafting and finalising of job specifications
  • Advert design, copyright and branding
  • Receive all applicants and their applications via media and other channels
  • Screening applicants against your job specification
  • Present shortlisted CV to client (original or consistent with our format)
  • Conduct risk assessment
  • Management of information
  • Schedule interviews
  • Provide feedback to candidates

This method of recruitment allows the client to manage their resourcing budget prudently, whilst still being able to receive top caliber candidates that meet the specific role requirements. We offer competitive rates for response handling and the rates are based on the client’s precise needs a tailor made solution.



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